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How I Got/Am Going to Get My License

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1 How I Got/Am Going to Get My License on Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:19 am


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This thread is for those who are licensed.  How did you do it?

This thread is for those getting their licenses.  How are you going about it?

My saga:

TCT=Teacher Council of Thailand
(Which should I use?)
TKT=Teacher Knowledge Test (formerly by TCT, not the one by the British Council)

I returned to Bangkok from Korea in 2009.  In 2011, I learned by accident that I was on a "waiver" (WTF is that, I thought) and that to get a 2nd waiver I needed to show that I was "making progress" on my license.

I had missed the deadline to apply for the TCT TKT #7 by hours.  Doing the culture certificate immediately was my other option.  I did.

I finally sat for TCT 8.  Stamp was there, and passed his last test.
I passed three of four tests with high scores on two of the three that I had passed.  Four people passed all four tests that weekend. I was not one of them.  I had to take Section 2 two more times.

My passing scores on the four tests were 122-81-81-94 (out of 150).  I applied for the license in 2012 and received it in 2013.

For those unfamiliar with those tests, here is the youtube link:


I hope to hear from others.

2 Re: How I Got/Am Going to Get My License on Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:46 pm


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I did the tests in 2012. I was one of only 2 who managed to pass all 4 in one weekend at that test session. I received my license on Feb 27 of 2013 and it expires next Feb.

I don't remember my scores. It was a while back and not relevant after passing the tests.



3 Re: How I Got/Am Going to Get My License on Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:04 pm


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It appears that we were both there. If we were in the same room, I was the person they moved up front where there was a table I could sit at. I was too big for the desk meant for me.

I remember my scores mostly because of the frustration of Section 2. I scored 71, then 72, then 81.
75 is passing. I remember the 81 just because it was strange that I had the same score on two tests.

One person scored 98 (out of 150) and thought he had scored 98%. I'm surprised that some of the candidates could even find Thonburi College.

4 Re: How I Got/Am Going to Get My License on Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:05 pm


My passing (no not dead yet) the tests was a labor of love. The scores are now irrelevant (but to hell with modesty I scored the top country score for one of them). The stories behind them are anything but.  

All of this is fast becoming ancient history but for the sake of reminiscing why the hell not. I, at the time, worked with some co-workers who viewed the tests as a waste of time. I on the other hand grasped the opportunity to learn, to develop. I did not see it as the chance to be a better teacher than those not holding the card, but rather as the chance to improve myself. I learned a lot.

As an aside some of the naysayers are now choosing to complete expensive post graduate qualifications to secure their cards.

The card has not provided me with anything beyond what I expected it to. No riches, no positions of authority and certainly no additional recognition. It has removed a hurdle. I don't have to go cap in hand to the TCT to ask to stay with my family in the country which I have made a home. It has provided certain discounts, certain short cuts, certain smiles.

Those not having the card will not be turfed out of the country tomorrow and those having it will receive no special preference over the known ideals for Thai employers, what it does give is a certain and very personal piece of mind.

I passed the last TCT test having 2 weeks before being dumped out of a 10 year position and one week before being blessed with the birth of my second daughter. Passing the tests was a very much f%$k you to the powers that thought their were.

Guess the tests were a goal I wanted to achieve and did.

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