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license renewal

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1 license renewal on Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:38 am


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I have two questions.

The first question involves professional development.

I've heard that 60 (?) hours of "professional development" is part of license renewal.

A fellow geriatric teacher outside of Lampang told me that she was not asked to see her collection of certificates of participation when she renewed her license. Different standards for Bangkok and the provinces?

I have also heard that in lieu of a collection of certificates, the CELTA will be accepted.

Question #1 is "Will CELTA fulfill the requirement?

The second question is: Can one renew a license after it has lapsed?

My license expires in February 2018. My contract runs to January 2018, but could be extended to July 2018.

If my contract is renewed, and if my license must be renewed before it lapses, I'll need to fly to Bangkok in January 2018. I did just that last January, but it was chaos and not something I'd want to do again (fly within & to/from China in January). Even Swampy was a madhouse.

I don't expect a deluge of replies, but somebody might know something.

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