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My master's degree will not be accepted by TCT

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I have a B.Sc degree and 120 hour TEFL certificate, and already two waivers on the TCT database, at my private primary school in Esarn.

I have studied two years at Rajabhat for an M.A. Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and I'm now working on my thesis.
I have been told the TCT will not accepted it because it's an arts degree not education.


So, I hope to get one more two-year waiver on the basis of studying for the master's degree, then after that switch to working in a university, if that doesn't pan out I'll have to move abroad.

Any bright ideas? My meagre knowledge of the TCT comes from reading this forum. reading


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Senior member
Check with Khuru Sapha before you begin study.
(A mistake I doubt you'll repeat - others may learn from it.)

Try asking someone else about your study, &/or peruse the regulations and look for some way for your study to fit the requirements. You might get lucky.

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