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Buying a new TV: advice requested

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1 Buying a new TV: advice requested on Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:27 pm


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Wondering if anyone can help me out here. Two large white blobs/spots have appeared on my LG TV recently. A quick google tells me that 2 LEDs have blown and need replacing. Where I live, I'm not sure I'll find anyone capable to repair it, plus I'm not even contemplating traveling further afield to get it repaired, it'll be straight in the bin if that's the case.

So, my question is this. On a recent stroll around the local Lotus electronic goods section I happened upon a rather attractive 39" curved, widescreen TV. The picture looked crisp, and it sounded OK from what I could decipher from amongst the ambient noise of the shop. Price was good too: 9,900 baht. The only thing I flinched at was the brand: Altron (made in Thailand).

Link: Altron

I'm not familiar with them and therefore have no pre-established brand trust. Does anybody know anything about this brand, or this particular TV? Would you trust it, and contemplate a purchase? Of course I'd love a more exotic and luxurious premium brand, but as I'm a transient pedagogue I'll endure the lesser model in case I jump countries or continents.



2 Re: Buying a new TV: advice requested on Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:57 pm


The difficulty is that if you buy a cheap set you will be (due to perverse advertising) forever question your choice of the cheaper option. Yet if you go for the option of the branded set, you will forever think that the price you have paid does not reflect the true price of the set you paid.

Buy the tv, watch the program and think nothing save for the content of that you are watching.

All else is bs advertising

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