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Windows 10 Pro and the April update- problems and solutions when update fails...

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I've updated all machines in our household, some from W 7 Ultimate, some with a key I bought from Ebay for lousy 250 baht. 

    All are running well, I've even stopped using pirated bs from certain websites as MS has changed alot since W 10 was being introduced. The cracks don't work anymore and I'm happy that all my programs are genuine now.

 Should anybody have a problem, regardless what it is, please feel free to post it here, you'll get the right advice within a short period of time.

  Also if you'd like to purchase a W 10 Pro license from eBay, using PayPal, I can help you how to do it without buying an already used key.

  I bought a bunch of legitim Adobe Photoshop and can give you a helping hand to install it on your machine.

   Another topic that seems to be very important is the right backup tool. Macrium, a UK product is one of the best and free for private users. You can back your system up and restore it in 20 minutes.

  Please feel free to post your problem.

2 Win-doze on Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:09 pm


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Senior member
I've used legally registered Windows products and I still had problems with "false negatives" and had to reinstall more than once.

Bionic Beaver, Ubuntu's latest, came out in April and I've had trouble with it, too.

When I return, I plan to buy a desktop without Windows pre-installed and without a UEFI drive. I'll still be able to install Windows on it, but I won't have all the headaches that UEFI can cause.

Until Windows reinstates the "stop automatic updates" option, I'll continue to avoid it as much as possible.

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