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“I’m American, I do what I want”

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1 “I’m American, I do what I want” on Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:30 pm


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An American actor was caught on camera launching a bizarre rant at Big C supermarket in Pattaya on Thursday evening.

Geoffrey Giuliano, 63, was filmed jumping the queue before shouting “f*** you, I'm a American, I do what I want”.

He can then be heard saying: “Go f*** yourself, OK. Go f*** yourself, OK, let's get it real straight. You can go f*** yourself, OK.

“I'm an American, I do what I want, we're the kings of the world, OK.”

Nope, you are not the KINGS of the World. I better stop here, fill in the blanks, please.

Giuliano then left the store as if nothing had happened.

According to IMDB, Giuliano has featured in a number of movies including Scorpion King 3, Dragonwolf, and The Sixth Element. Amazing past....

 Some more utter rubbish came out of his mouth and I assume that he's missed the whole change when America lost its "SuperPower Image."

 Mate Nate and this guy seem to be from the same mother.

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