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Some advice regarding working on a Non-O ME needed....

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Qwerty wrote:I have been on an O Visa (Marriage) for several years, with a work permit and a series of TL waivers (soon to be replaced with a permanent TL!).  So, despite all of the nay-sayer's, it is possible.

I get my WP renewed at the beginning of every school year.  Then, a few months later, I renew my Visa with copies of my marriage license, pictures of me and my wife at home, a map to the house we live in, a copy of the rental agreement and a copy of the landlady's ID, copies of my wife's ID and tabian baan, tax returns (form อพด91 I think) showing I earn in excess of 40k per month, copy of my Work Permit, copy of my TL waiver, copy of my employment contract, and many other forms that I have no doubt forgotten.

Good luck!

 Thanks for your post. It wasn't possible 10 years ago, but they've changed the laws and it's completely legal to work on a Non-O based on marriage.

Of course not on a Non-O retirement visa.


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I have been on a non O since my first day in the classroom. I would never convert back to a B - I've told schools this flat out. A school would only want you to do this bc they understand how complicated it is for you to unwind from a B or they just are clueless and never have done this before.

fyi, I do not need to visit Immigration regarding a visa or extension as it relates to school. Nor have I been requested to obtain a police report. If I wanted to leave a school, I give notice and go. I do not need a letter of release and will never be trapped on a border.

All my schools have been grateful to have me on an O. I'm not futzing about with tedious visa issues but rather covering for clueless teachers who have visa complications and multiple trips to Immigration. Further, if you conduct yourself properly and wife has decent job which you can let be known, you'll find you'll get more respect. It's only been a huge p!us.

I would never work here in a B. Too much hassle each year, let alone changing schools. Id go to Vietnam or China.

As Immigration tightens up, you want to have this visa. It's only 400k. Never get married only for a non O, that's a fools game.

I'm on my fourth, last one in bkk only took twenty minutes once we got in.

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