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Tempory Teaching Permit

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1 Tempory Teaching Permit on Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:07 pm


Retrieved July 29, 2017, from

Criteria for Granting Temporary Teaching Permit for Foreign Teachers

Section 46 of the Teachers and Educational Personnel Council Act, B.E. 2546 (2003) forbids any person from claiming the right to teach or to practice the teaching profession without being licensed by the Teachers’ Council. Educational institutions are also forbidden to employ as teachers anyone who is not specifically licensed or granted explicit permission by the Teachers’ Council.

In view of the requirements of educational institutions in developing educational programs, there is a need for foreign teachers to engage in instruction and supervise study in said institutions. The head of an educational institution must state the intent to the Teachers’ Council of Thailand, to employ an individual to fill a teaching vacancy when a licensed teacher cannot be employed if the criteria and conditions given below are satisfactorily met.

1. Criteria for Granting of Permission
Foreigners who are not holders of professional teachers’ licenses can be employed as teachers provided that they are qualified according to the following:
1.1 Not younger than 20 years of age
1.2 Satisfy one of the following requirements:
(1) Have qualifications not less than that of being holders of a degree in education or its equivalent or
(2) Have qualifications not less than that of being holders of a bachelor’s degree in an area needed by an educational institution requiring carrying out teaching duties or
(3) Are not holders of a degree, and they hold a teaching license from another country
1.3 Are devoid of prohibited personal attributes as specified in Section 44 (B) of the Teachers and Educational Personnel Council Act, B.E. 2546 (2003)

2. Conditions for granting permission are as follows:
2.1 Educational institutions must request permission in specific cases. Foreigners must teach in educational institutions under the control of the head of educational institutions of said educational institutions in accordance with the conditions specified in their teaching permit.
2.2 No more than two years can be allowed in a single permission period and can be extended for a total period of not more than six years.
2.3 The person granted permission to teach is required to satisfy professional qualifications for a teaching license within a period of six years from the first permission of teaching permit.
2.4 If the person granted permission to teach violates professional ethics, does not adhere to the conditions specified, or does not satisfy the professional development standards, conditions and methods specified by the Teachers’ Council of Thailand, said person’s permission to teach shall be revoked.

Note: Professional qualification for the teaching license, please see
Regulation of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand Regarding Professional Licensure B.E. 2559 (2016)

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