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Microsoft Surface RT

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1 Microsoft Surface RT on Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:54 pm


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Years ago, new Microsoft Surfaces went for 5,500 baht. The value for money was unquestionable.

Used Surface RT's turn up from time to time.

For not much more than what Apple charges for a couple of iPad accessories, you're up and running.

It sports USB ports, so no special cables are needed, other than for the AC adaptor. Generic adaptors are dirt cheap on ebay, so this isn't a problem.

Yes, there are software compatibility issues, and one update left me unable to run VLC media player.

Still, I used it to access the internet in the teacher room in Lampang, and prepared lessons on it (both with an external keyboard). I took it to class with external speakers and walked around the classroom with it.

It had a larger display than my work horse HP Mini 110 and I used it at home.

In Mongolia I used it when no projector was available.

Now, it's in retirement, and my wife watches Thai TV on it.

It's been an incredibly rugged and useful investment.

If you're not at all good with a computer, you'd be better off spending five times the money on a "real" surface of even an iPad.

If you have even a scintilla of IT savvy, the phrase "you should have bought an iPad" is pure bullshit.

Go with a Surface or a Chinese Windows/Android dual boot.

Think twice before attempting a Linux multi-boot with a Windows/Android UEFI machine.

Now, I use a Cube iWork 10 or a Pipo X10 in class.

A Pipo W9S is my workhorse at home. The HP Mini 110 and the Asus are both in Bangkok.

I often use them together, notable language study text on one machine and audio on another.

I own an old iMac and iPod, by the way. It's not as if I haven't tried Apple products, or dealt with the cult members whose mantra is "it does everything I want."

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