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Various free online courses, here's an online training course

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I've done quite a few courses offered by British Council so far and could always learn a couple of things I didn't know before.: thankyou:

I even participated in a forensic course which was pretty funny when thousands of people from all around the world are posting their thoughts about a criminal case to find out who the murder was. hilarious

This course is a free online training course and I'll join in, that's for sure.

Please see: ( there're plenty of other free courses available !!)

If you wish to have a certificate of such a course ( not sure about the online one), you'll have to pay around 25 British Pounds and it will be shipped to you.

I only assume that such courses/certificates will also be part of your educational development, I guess we all know how much certificates are loved by our Thai colleuages. thumbs up 2


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Here is a free-bee. It is the lecture portion from an on-line course.
It does feature some brand names (S.Thornbury, D.Nunan, etc).
23 videos, ~25 hours of watch time.
Some are a bit long winded but they all have good stuff to offer.
No certificate but worth your time if you want to work on self improvement.


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