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Bounces and Runs

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1Bounces and Runs Empty Bounces and Runs on Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:25 pm


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I once offered a guide to visa runs and border bounces. The indifference was underwhelming.

So, with multiple-entry "O" visas being a recent topic, here's a small list.

Visa Runs:

O and B

If you want to miss a minimum of work, Kota Bharu is for you. Fly to Hat Yai on Saturday and take a van to Sungai Golok, Walk across the border and take a taxi into KB. The consulate is open on Sunday. On Monday, return. Report to work on Tuesday.


If you're married but don't have 400K in the bank or 40K per month from a pension, Savannakhet and Ho Chi Minh are options. I have not done HCMC. Vietnam lets you fly and apply one day and pick up and fly the next. Lao requires you to fly one day and apply the next and pick up one day and fly the next. There are also van rides for fly and ride. Vietnam wants a letter from your wife. Again, I'll try this if I have a next time.

Border Bounces


Flying to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and never leaving the airport is cheap and convenient.

Flying to Hong Kong and never leaving Lantau is another. If you're 65+, visit Disneyland for 400 baht!

I hear that Kan is open but I've never done it.

There are also three other crossings with Burma, all near airports, one within walking distance. I've used one.

I would avoid land crossings with Cambodia and Malaysia for bouncing.


I know one school official in charge of teacher visas who preferred to convert tourist visas. This does offer the advantage of being able to correct mistakes locally. It can be a terrible burden on the teacher.  One had to fly, spend a week, and fly back, at his expense.  A non-im would have made a land crossing possible.

My first choice would be to do a border bounce to KL or Singapore and get the visa on arrival, if it's available. My second choice would be to seek out a free visa, which Vientiane has been known to offer. I'm speculating, but my third choice would be Hong Kong or Macau or Naypyidaw or anyplace that would not suggest a visa runner.

Penang and alternatives

I would avoid Penang for runs and bounces. I relied on taxis and it got to be expensive. Of course, I arrived by air and did the visa myself. There may still be visa agents who will find you at the Butterworth train station and do all the legwork for you. Agents are also in town, somewhere, and I once used one when I was in Georgetown for a few days. I've heard of a limit on the number of applications they take in one day.

KL has a lot of embassies clustered near KLCC and cheap public transportation. KLIA is outside of town, though. Singapore allows you to take a subway from Changi and be within walking distance of the Thai consulate. If you've never been to Georgetown, it might be worth the trip.

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great resource thank you

3Bounces and Runs Empty Re: Bounces and Runs on Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:00 am


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bahn_farang wrote:great resource thank you

Kind words.

This info needs regular updates, though. Penang and Vientiane come to mind. Also, there's no guarantee that S'ket & HCMC will continue to issue ME-O's w/out 400K in a Thai bank.

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