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Non- O based on marriage in Sawannakhet/ Laos without financial proof

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There's a Thai consulate in Savannakhet/ Laos on the other side of Mukdahan's friendship bridge located at the Mekhong river where you can easily get a Non-O, based on marriage to a Thai citizen, without financial proof.

  The consulate is open from Monday to Friday but closed on all Thai and Laos holidays. It seems that applicants of Non-B visas who are working at a school do need a criminal check now.

Please see attached download form for Savannakhet

The fee is 5,000 Thai baht for a one-year Non-o, which is extendable to more than 15 months. You'll need:

1. marriage certificate, original and copy

2. copy of wife's ID, Tabien baan- ( house documents, included)

3. copy of your passport, 2 photographs

4. 5,000 Thai baht, they don't take Kip!!

You've got to be there in the morning, the best time is around 7 am, as many people apply for visas there. There's only one counter open, so please fill out your form and walk straight inside.

After reviewing your documents, you'll be given a ticket to pick your passport up the next day starting at 14.00 o' clock. But you can try it earlier and go back without hundreds of others.

Please be aware that you'll need to stay one night and nobody wants to take Lao Kip, you can pay everywhere with Thai baht or a foreign currency.

This type of visa allows you to work for a school, but some Immigration offices seem to not know the rules.

On a Non- O, ME, you'll have to leave the country every 90 days, no TM 47 report has to be done.

Lao beer is much better than Thai beer and you'll find some good places to hang out. Guest houses are cheap and good. The TukTuk guys are rip-offs and try to charge a lot of money for a short trip.

Make sure that you know how much you've got to pay before you sit on such a damn thing!

It's relatively easy to get there from let's say Ubon Ratchathani, around 130 km away. Buses drive from Ubon' bus station. Please see:

Cheers- wai

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I'll be making the trip at the end of the month.

I expect to do a fly and ride. I might even work in a visit to Khon Kaen and get my Lao visa there.

On the return trip, a stay at Ploy Palace is planned a a leisurely pick up by Nok Air

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