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Another day in paradise at Sisaket Immigration.

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I've never experienced such a thorough check of documents by an Immigration officer. I arrived shortly before they opened their doors and everything seemed to be "normal."

 I know them for many years and always had a great relationship, but there must be new laws or regulations

 I had almost all documents you can think of with me. I was on a Non-O from Laos, that would have run out in July, 16th, but my work permit was only okay until the 11th this month.

 The guy was more than friendly and things were so fast that I thought that I'd leave this holy place after 15 minutes only. But then the highest ranking ruler in form of a female. I always thought that she'd be cool, but what she did, really surprised me.

 She called me to her desk, obviously, the last destination where your passport will be checked once more, even when you've got the stamp/visa already.

She took each and every passport copy out, then in a different order and I couldn't understand what she's looking for. That went on for about 70 minutes and I almost lost my temper. But you've gotta stay cool here and smile, even when you want to slap someone in her face.

 The next problem was my provisional TL. She gave the order that a guy had to go on Khurusapha's website to check my data. Then she printed it out and checked if all was identical. That took also a long time.

Then my degree and Diploma seemed to be from Khao San road, or similar. After checking each and every page three times, she pointed at the Diploma and told me that that wouldn't be enough and I'd need a BA?

 I stood up and excused myself when I was looking through the documents and then pointed at my in Thai translated and verified BA in social pedagogy, which was done 13 years ago. Ifugao wanted the German embassy to check on it once more, so I finally had to have it authenticated by them. It wasn't for free and a big headache.

 That went on for such a long time that I wanted to invite her aeeh to dinner. Finally, she gave the order that I was allowed to pay for it and I could leave.

Many colleagues now don't have a chance to work as teachers, because they had too many waivers and they are now trying to make them to trainers. I was only thinking what this particular Immigration officer would do with such a person.  How many trainers are allowed at one school? 70 % of them? Well, who knows.

 One said that he graduated 33 years ago ( so did I) and they threw all the old shite away? Sure, I also know that Santa Claus isn't always coming through the chimney.  

  After two hours and a few minutes, I left the Immigration and drove to the LD. It was like visiting old friends, nobody wanted to see the documents that were so important for the Immigration and I could leave the department with an extended work permit after only 14 minutes.

 I hope that something similar will not happen to any of you guys. Have a nice time, stay healthy, and watch your backs. I've heard there're snipers around. At least at my school.  wai


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I had a remotely similar experience years ago with an officer who didn't know that an O visa could be extended with a work permit. When asked why not a B visa, I could hardly reply that the school strategy to avoid paying severance involved having teachers arrive on tourist visas, but non-im visas had smoother land border crossings. (In fact, I made that visa run with one day of lost work by visiting a consulate that was open on Sunday. A tourist visa at the time might have involved staying out of country for a few days and then flying back.)

Your ordeal is not inconsistent with an office that had been burned by some clown with counterfeits.

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