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Savings in Thailand?

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1 Savings in Thailand? on Fri May 18, 2018 9:18 am


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I've lived in Thailand for about three years now and I'm wondering if anyone here has some kind of savings plan. I don't mean putting a few hundred or thousand baht away each month although that would be part of it I suppose. What I'm looking for is a way to earn interest on the money. For example, in the US some employers offer 401k or some other type of investing plan. My school doesn't offer anything and that's fine but does anyone here know of any type of plan where I would earn interest on my savings or some kind of investment deal? I don't mean investing in someone's business....I mean putting my money away and earning maybe on stocks or just accruing some kind of interest.

2 Re: Savings in Thailand? on Sat May 19, 2018 3:42 pm


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I think I must have lost some good money when I settled down here 15+ years ago. I opened up a Bangkok bank account downtown, received something like 0.9 % interest, when I was lucky, eventually 1 %.

I had a few million baht and the clerks didn't tell me that at this time when signing wifey up with you, it could have raised it up to 3.5 %.

Anyway, it was too late when I've heard that and it was mainly because my Thai wasn't good enough and my wife had no idea about banking in general.

WhenI still had cash, I've tried several ways, invested a few hundred thousand in fonds at two banks longterm. When something didn't sound right, I found out that the bank clerk, a real ars-hole, had invested my money in his name and I never received what I was told.

I didn't go to the cops, because he gave me my money back without a problem. The interest rates for couples now are pretty much downhill, it might be wise to visit your bank and see what they can offer you.

Best of luck with that!!!

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