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Resume Writing and job coaching?

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1 Resume Writing and job coaching? on Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:31 am


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I realize many of us teach writing for a living but how successful are you /is your resume?

I'm curiously doubtful that teachers here would pay 5000b for a fresh resume. I've thought about maybe doing a workshop in conjunction with tefl schools, but they are so sketchy. Also running a professional course but no idea where to take that idea.

Some years back I had a friend fwdd me his resume. Smart guy with a Master's degree in Philosophy. Resume was such a mess I never submitted it.

What do you miss out on by having even an average resume let alone one that is tired or poorly crafted?

I graduated from a well above average school, but it seems it's gone entirely unnoticed as no one has ever commented. I've a few other resume gems, but mostly I think I get calls on the strength of my resume and cover letter.

I'm in the thick of BKK. I've only applied to jobs appearing to pay more than 40k. With very few exceptions, I only apply for EP and similar special programs. I highly tend to favor and only apply to the schools with the best reputations. I'm bald and approaching 60. I'm now in My 4th year teaching, but My resume was in fire after My second year. My call back rate is perhaps 75%. I have sent more than half dozen resumes off and recd calls anywhere from 15 mins to one hour thereafter. Schools many of you would be happy to work in with salaries 38-42k. I declined, not enough.

Do you customize a cover letter to each school? How long is it?

So, what's your story? Is your resume a finely tuned masterpiece or a sad laundry list of marginal schools and duties?

Would you pay someone real money to produce a solid resume for you?

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