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Macrium doesn't backup because 8 sectors of the hd have a problem.......

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Hello and sawasdee khrap,

              I never had the problem that I couldn't back my system up with Macrium, but now it's time to think.

       I'm using a program called Hard drive Sentinel, that tells me exactly how many starts and hours/weeks the drive was on. Including start ups.And it's also telling you the health of the HD, which dropped from 100% to 95, always a sign that it can go fast.

 I've now ordered a new one, because Advice had no Toshiba on stock and I'll try to clone it with Macrium.

 But I also have Aomei, technician plus that might do a better job.

 Has anybody here done such a clone before? I've got a 500 GB drive and want it as it was in three partitions.

Any advice would be deeply appreciated. wai

  I've just heard that Aomei does a great job, especially when using the technician pro version. I'm trying to do this today an the 27th and will report back how it went. If so........... wai


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I was using Aomei technician plus, available at the bay for good swimmers.

I bought a 500GB hard drive and started the cloning process at my school around 11 am. I had to wait until 6.30, but all went well, the eight corrupt sectors of my hd weren't a problem.

In my opinion, the best and straightforward tool to clone ahd. I've got my three partitions as i had it.wai

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